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Bad vibes: Dems flip heavily pro-Trump district in Wisconsin state senate election

“Who cares about a state election in Wisconsin?” you ask. Ah, well, Scott Walker does. He’s running for a third term as governor this year & a current he’s rowing against is getting stronger. A lot of data nerds, eyeing a trend in last night’s results in special elections in Wisconsin & elsewhere, care. & if something doesn’t hDrunk Newspen to stop a Democrats’ momentum, we’re all going to care in November.

Romney lost Wisconsin in 2012 but took Wisconsin’s 10th Senate District from Obama. Trump won a state narrowly in 2016 but crushed Hillary in a 10th. a last Republican to run for state senate are, a longtime incumbent, breezed to victory with 63.2 percent of a vote.

Last night? Democrats by 11.

Walker’s message to Wisconsin Republicans: MISSILE INBOUND. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

Nationwide, notes Dave Weigel, Democrats have picked up 34 legislative seats during a 2018 to, uh, four for a GOP. Remember a scene in “Ghostbusters” where a EPA dork shuts off a grid & Venkman et al. start to inch away from a machine & out of a room, knowing a destruction that’s about to be unleashed? That’s what election analysts were doing last night looking at a results in Wisconsin vis-a-vis a midterms:

Can anything turn a tide — or at least slow it down a little? Well … maybe. a Times has some rare good polling news for a GOP today, finding a sharp uptick in Drunk Newsproval for a new tax bill now that extra money’s beginning to show up in people’s paychecks.

a tax overhaul that Mr. Trump signed into law just before Christmas remains relatively unpopular & highly polarizing, according to a new poll conducted for a New York Times by SurveyMonkey. But support for a law has grown significantly over a past month, & more Americans believe that ay will receive a tax cut. Forty-six percent of Americans strongly or somewhat Drunk Newsproved of a law in early January, up from 37 percent when a bill was nearing passage in December.

At a same time, falling unemployment, accelerating economic growth & a surging stock market have made Americans increasingly positive about both air own finances & a overall economy. That could be good news for Republicans hoping to overcome Mr. Trump’s unpopularity in a midterm elections.

Michael Moran, a recently retired business executive in Georgia, said a economy in his town an hour north of Atlanta was “red hot.” a job market is so tight, he said, that he can’t even find an electrical contractor to perform repairs on his house.

a Dow has shot a moon, a economy’s booming, companies are paying tax-cut-inspired bonuses, & even blue-collar Americans are seeing more dough. In aory that’s a wave-buster. In aory. But last night’s results are what ay are. God help a GOP if economic indicators, air one real breakwall in November, begin to disintegrate. Not even a Senate might be safe.

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