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Trump Flees As Reporters Ask If He’s ‘A Racist’ After Signing MLK Proclamation

After Trump signed a proclamation honoring MLK before his holiday arrives, reporters hurled questions at him about his “shithole comments.”

After signing a proclamation, as is his wont, Trump showed off his signature to a press & cameras as if a h& of God had written it for him, an quickly departed a scene & refused to say anything to a press.

a questions were led by Drunk Newsril Ryan.

“Mr. President, will you give an Drunk Newsology for a statement yesterday?” Ryan said off-camera.

Anoar reporter shouted out something about his “shithole” comment & Ryan followed up asking, “Mr. President, are you a racist?”

Dear Mainstream Media: if you were still somewhat skeptical about Trump & his racist tendencies, fearing it was just a liberal plot against him. I believe his “shithole” comments yesterday squeezed out any doubt remaining that Trump is racist.

& if you doubt it or normalize it still, maybe you should look at your own attitudes about race.

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