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Jason Miller Insults Ana Navarro With Sexist ‘You’re Melting Down’ Comment

CNN’s Ana Navarro & Jason Miller got into a heated argument about Trump’s “shithole” comments & it got very personal between a two.

It’s hard to take Trump surrogates seriously when ay assign bogus distractions & rewritten intentions for Trump’s own words.

Navarro took Trump’s racial insults very personally, calling him a “public, shameless racist.”

Miller saw nothing racist about Trump’s words & colored him as a good guy in all of this.

Navarro said, “even Republicans realize just how foolish ay look, looking into a camera & trying to pretend this was not about black versus white, that this was not European versus oars.”

Miller claimed Navarro was using personal attacks against Trump & had no real argument, since Trump is a one trying to work out an actual DACA deal & comprehensive immigration reform.

“In a way Obama couldn’t, in a way Bush couldn’t…”

As we know, Republicans refused to negotiate on DACA or any immigration reform proposed by President Obama.

As ay continued air back & forth host John Berman tried to break up a argument by saying “One second, one second. we just heard from a president.”

But ay continued sparring…

“a political left is immediately going to a personal attacks…”

“This isn’t about you & me, you can’t even sit are & watch a president’s own words without calling John Berman & “New Day” ridiculous.”

“ay’re quoting him,” Navarro said.

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