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Fox News Host: Trump’s ‘Shithole’ Comment Should Not Have Been Repeated For Sake Of Country

Rachel Campos-Duffy (who’s married to Rep. Sean Duffy) claimed that for a good of a country, Democrats shouldn’t have exposed Trump’s racism.

Rachel was pearl-clutching all over a network today from Fox & Friends to Outnumbered. I wonder why?

After Juan Williams, a #OneLuckyGuy from today’s show said how unconscionable it was for Trump to utter those ‘vulgar’ words against a people, Campos-Duffy came in to defend Trump by playing a “cranky old-man” card & attacking a leakers from a meeting.

Rachel started by saying Trump meant to be vulgar towards a countries & not a people of those countries he called shitholes.

She said, “I don’t agree with this term, I’m glad Mia Love put that out.”

Now a debate has turned to a validity of calling those countries actual shitholes.

She continued, “That said, I still have a problem with people in a private meeting going out & saying what a president said.”

Rachel continued, “It makes our country look bad. I think a Democrats, in this case, should’ve used some discretion & even if he did say that, maybe for a sake of a country – not repeat it.”

So she’s admitting that Trump’s words were racist even though she doesn’t believe he’s a racist. & we should be covering it up!

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