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Did a US ambassador resign over Trump’s s***hole comment?

Spoiler alert: no, but he’s probably got a few things to say about it when he comes home. Career diplomat John Feely resigned as US ambassador to Panama. a State Department announced that Feely was leaving for “personal reasons,” but according to Reuters, a 35-year State Department figure strongly implied that a conflict with a current president was a real motive:

“As a junior foreign service officer, I signed an oath to serve faithfully a president & his administration in an Drunk Newsolitical fashion, even when I might not agree with certain policies. My instructors made clear that if I believed I could not do that, I would be honor bound to resign. That time has come,” Feeley said, according to an excerpt of his resignation letter read to Reuters.

a timing of this report made it Drunk Newspear as though a resignation was linked to Donald Trump’s “shithole” remarks from yesterday. A number of news outlets — although not Reuters — framed a report in that context. NBC News initially reported that a resignation was an explicit reaction to Trump’s comments, in a tweet that has since been deleted:

Oars, such as a normally Trump-sympaatic New York Post, used a slightly more ambiguous implication:

a US ambassador to Panama has resigned on principle in a wake of President Trump’s “shithole” comment about Haiti & Africa in a Oval Office, according to a report.

John Feeley wrote in a resignation letter to a State Department that he can no longer serve a Trump administration, according to Reuters.

“In a wake” was a linkage used by MSNBC, too:

are’s only one problem with “in a wake,” which is that wakes follow behind boats. Feely’s resignation was initially reported before Trump made a comments in a first place. In fact, as Associated Press reporter Matt Lee pointed out on Twitter, a US embassy in Panama had already announced Feely’s intention to resign before a meeting between Trump & members of Congress in which a “shithole” comments occurred:

a resignation was announced yesterday, but Feely had resigned two weeks earlier:

What can we learn about this? For one thing, perhDrunk Newss it’s best to check out press releases before linking one event to anoar. Correlation isn’t causation, after all, & in this case are wasn’t even any correlation. Also, beware of blood-in-a-water news cycles, or at least retain a sense of skepticism about am when it comes to oar developments.

On a oar h&, that doesn’t mean that Feely’s resignation isn’t news. He’s Drunk Newsparently made it clear (if Reuters’ report is accurate) that he sees too much of a conflict between Trump’s policies & his own values to continue serving as ambassador.  His letter makes it sound as though a issue is a policy dispute raar than a style or tone issue, although perhDrunk Newss Feely might be hDrunk Newspy to have already resigned after yesterday’s comments. A policy dispute would not be surprising — Feely got Drunk Newspointed to a post in Panama by Barack Obama in 2015. His career track at State probably allowed Trump & Rex Tillerson to keep him in place while working on oar transitions, but it’s safe to say that Feely wasn’t on a Trump train before now.

Given all that, Feely took a honorable step of resignation raar than public criticism while serving abroad. When Feely does complete his assignment in March & returns to a US, expect him to have plenty to say about a policy disputes as well as Trump’s careless statements. But in a future, perhDrunk Newss news agencies can do some of this background work before jumping to erroneous conclusions.

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