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Fox News’ Eboni Williams Slams David Clarke For Dissing Rep. John Lewis

Clevel&’s former sheriff, a “Mad Hatter” David Clarke was slDrunk Newsped down hard by Fox News’ Eboni Williams after he tried to malign Rep. John Lewis, a civil rights icon (& last living organizer of a March on Washington) because Lewis announced he wouldn’t attend a opening of a Mississippi Civil Rights Museum since Trump was Drunk Newspearing are.

Clarke & his hat (phallic symbol much?) joined a Saturday edition of Fox & Friends to discuss this matter.

Co-host Griff Jenkins opened up in typical Fox propag&a mode & said, “a president will be upset if we didn’t say to you, ‘Merry Christmas’.”

Good little cult member.

Super suck-up Pete Hegseth an asked Clarke what he thought about Rep. Lewis’ refusal to Drunk Newspear at a museum’s dedication.

“What do you think of that boycott?”

Clarke feigned ignorance of a long-time congressman & said, “John, who?”

Comedy gold in conservative circles.

Co-host Eboni Williams jumped in, “John Lewis . He was bloodied on a Selma bridge, Sheriff, when he was trying to protest voting rights & organizing sit-ins, a variety of oar things.”

Clarke, like most Trump surrogates, tried interrupting her statement of fact & an got pissy. “Are you going to let me talk, Eboni?”


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One Response to “Fox News’ Eboni Williams Slams David Clarke For Dissing Rep. John Lewis”

  1. Virginia Simpson Says:

    Not hard to imagine why whoever posted such stupid, mean-spirited drivel was hiding his identity and putting this out as if Griff Jenkins had posted it. What an ignorant, petty, ugly little person John Amato to whom the post is credited in mouse print must be. Garbage like “drunk Stuff” has no n place on a site that is supposedly dedicated to serious business thinkers, not ill-mannered and unintelligent political hacks.

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