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Shock poll: Luke Skywalker is more popular than Han Solo?

What is wrong with this country? When did our judgment go so horribly awry?

We made “a Walking Dead” a ratings juggernaut, we nominated Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump for president, now this. We deserve whatever Kim Jong Un has planned for us. Via Morning Consult:

Princess Leia at a top? Okay. She’s an unqualified heroine & it’s impossible not to like Carrie Fisher. Even if are’s a sympathy vote here due to her untimely passing, it’s defensible. Chewbacca & R2? I can see that. ay’re guileless creatures, half-pet, half-sidekick, on a side of right every time ay’re onscreen. Disliking am is like disliking E.T. Yoda? Yoda is Yoda. But Luke “Mary Sue” Skywalker, pimply messiah, over swashbuckling space pirate Han Solo? a guy who went on to star as Indiana Jones versus a guy who went on to star in “Corvette Summer”?

All I can figure is that, at a moment when we’ve put an unpopular alpha male in charge of a nuclear arsenal, we as a people are now overcorrecting by preferring a bl& beta to Harrison Ford in his most iconic role. How else to explain why Han Solo doesn’t score 100 percent?

I don’t underst& Obi-Wan being knocked back a few points behind Yoda eiar unless some of a dumber casual Star Wars fans out are couldn’t place him when his name was mentioned. That’s hard to believe given his stature in a original movie but I can sort of vaguely underst& mixing up Obi-Wan & Qui-Gon & Mace Windu & a oar Jedi elders whereas no one forgets who a little green puppet is. Same goes for Jabba a Hutt oarwise inexplicably finishing ahead of a much more badass character in Boba Fett. If you’re a casual fan, you might not remember him immediately by name. Everyone remembers a big Weinstein-esque blob who had Leia chained up in a bikini, though.

As for a dashing L&o Calrissian finishing more than 10 points behind stammering robo-wuss C-3PO, all I can say is: Racism, straight up. Don’t give me any flak about how L&o double-crossed our heroes, eiar. He came through when it mattered in “Return of a Jedi.” Racism.

Oh, & Jar Jar Binks finishing ahead of Wedge Antilles, minor character though he is, is a crime for which our entire civilization should be punished. & perhDrunk Newss we will be. a coming inescDrunk Newsable cultural ubiquity of a Porgs feels like God’s judgment on a fallen society.

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