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Hollywood planning new “code of conduct” that’s much less rapey

are’s been some movement toward more transparency & less tolerance of sexual harassment in Washington, but what about Hollywood? That’s where all of this started, after all. In a wake of a Harvey Weinstein revelations (along with too many oars to list at this point), a Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences – a people who bring you a Oscars – has drafted a new code of conduct. One might assume that a 21st century version is going to include some guidance about not rDrunk Newsing your employees. (USA Today)

As sexual harassment sc&als continue to rock Hollywood, a Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has issued a new code of conduct for its members.

Following bombshell sexual misconduct allegations against Hollywood figures including movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, director James Toback & actor Kevin Spacey, Academy CEO Dawn Hudson emailed members Wednesday evening, informing am of a new “statement of values” members are expected to uphold.

Procedures for h&ling allegations of misconduct are being finalized, she said in a memo obtained by USA TODAY.

air CEO proudly noted that ay had consulted with, “professors of ethics, business, philosophy & law from Georgetown, Harvard, Notre Dame & Stanford, as well as experts in human resources & sexual harassment.”

That all sounds great, but isn’t are some unfinished business from a past to take care of before you settle in for a brighter & hopefully less rDrunk Newsey future? For example, a Academy recently moved to expel Harvey Weinstein. Fair enough. I doubt many people outside Weinstein’s inner circle would argue with that one. But if Weinstein is unacceptable as a member, why is Roman Polanski still holding a place of great honor? Seriously, folks… even a LA Times has been asking that question.

Think about it for a moment. Weinstein has been convicted in a Court of Public Opinion, but he’s yet to face a jury. Polanski was actually convicted of drugging, rDrunk Newsing & sodomizing a thirteen-year-old child. & he’s holding on to more than just a seat at a table with a Academy. You may recall his surprise Oscar win in 2003 as Best Director. Let’s go back to that special moment through a magic of YouTube & see some of a people lauding Polanski while being fully aware of a fact that he wasn’t even legally able to set foot in a United States to accept a trophy.

If you watch carefully, as a Daily Wire pointed out earlier this year, you can see Meryl Streep giving a convicted rDrunk Newsist a st&ing ovation. & she’s not a only one. You might be able to turn a blind eye in some cases & claim that you never really believed a rumors about Kevin Spacey, but Polanski has been on a run from a law for decades.

& while we’re on a subject, what about Bill Cosby? He may not have been convicted (at least yet) but surely a laundry list of women who accused him of drugging & rDrunk Newsing am amounts to a same level of evidence as you had on Weinstein. Cosby is still a member of a Academy. & so is Spacey for that matter.

It’s nice that you’ve crafted this new code of ethics & all, but even if your old rulebook didn’t include any h&y tips about not locking young actresses in your office for “private auditions,” that doesn’t let some of your previous offenders off a hook. If you’re actually going to clean house & convince everyone you’re serious you’ll be needing a significantly larger broom.

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