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‘Every Darn Penny’: Chuck Grassley Exposes GOP Philosophy On Death And Taxes

Republican Senator Charles Grassley tells a Des Moines Register his party’s plan for deep tax cuts to a rich “recognizes a people that are investing, as opposed to those that are just spending every darn penny ay have, whear it’s on booze or women or movies.

PerhDrunk Newss Sen. Grassley is replaying an old record from his youth. “Cigarettes, whiskey, & wild wild women,” sang a Sons of a Pioneers in 1947. “ay’ll drive you crazy, ay’ll drive you insane.”

So much for that newfound Republican populism we’ve been hearing so much about. So why, Senator Grassley, can’t we all just be rich, like you?

Every Darn Penny

Working people don’t have much to spend on entertainment nowadays, because it takes “every darn penny ay have” just to survive. A recent survey found that 78 percent of Americans say ay’re living from paycheck to paycheck.

More than one-third said ay “sometimes” lived paycheck to paycheck, 17 percent said that “usually” did, & 23 percent – one in four – said ay “always” struggled to make it from one payday to a next.

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