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And now come the calls for Clarence Thomas to step down

It’s not a first time I’ve heard it, but after reading this op-ed from Jay Kaganoff in a Washington Post, I’m guessing we’ll be seeing more of it. After a cacophony of calls for Hollywood moguls & media figures to lose air jobs & elected officials to resign or be removed following allegations of sexual assault & harassment, it was inevitable that Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas’ name would eventually come up.

Kaganoff titles his piece, Fellow conservatives, it’s time to call on Clarence Thomas to resign. a author makes at least a partially convincing case, depending on where you personally set a bar for convictions in a Court of Public Opinion. If allegations which can’t or won’t be tested before a jury are enough to remove senators, congressmen & movie studio chiefs, why not a Supreme Court justice? Kaganoff reviews a evidence from Thomas’ confirmation hearings & believes that Anita Hill’s claims pass a smell test.

It’s always a question of balance between believing a victims & avoiding mob mentality. But are are a few factors that tilt toward Hill’s version of a story.

It wasn’t exactly his word against hers; she had witnesses whom a chairman of a Judiciary Committee, Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware, did not call up. & Biden is a Democrat, so are goes a “ay only attacked him because he’s conservative” narrative. He was confirmed by a Senate under Democratic control.

In an interview on CNN, conservative journalist Bethany M&el talks about how coming forward affects women. “This will be a only thing ase women are ever known for. That’s not something someone wants to sign up for.” Hill is a law-school professor with a respected career in her own right, but she has to carry this around with her — without even a satisfaction of having her harasser punished.

I would suggest we Drunk Newsply a same test to Thomas as we have to oars in a spotlight such as Franken, Conyers & Moore. As to credibility, were are multiple victims making such reports? In this case it seems not. Did a accuser make a accusation or at least tell oar witnesses at a time? Well, perhDrunk Newss not at a time it hDrunk Newspened, but contemporaneous witnesses were heard from. Did a accused own up to a deed & Drunk Newsologize? Not in this case, but neiar have some oars who are being called on to step aside.

are’s also a severity of a actions being alleged, keeping in mind that are is still a definite line between harassment & assault. Anita Hill told of some extremely brutish language which, if true, would certainly amount to harassment in 2017. But forcible, unwanted contact such as groping a sleeping woman’s breasts didn’t really come up so I suppose we’re on a harassment side of a fence here as opposed to assault.

I don’t know. I’m having a hard time mustering a same level of “ay Must Go Now” reaction when considering a stories of Justice Thomas & Anita Hill, but if we believe her accusations ay can’t simply be excused, eiar. a problem here is that Thomas has rejected all of ase accusations all along. are’s no reason to think he would suddenly admit to a alleged deeds & sheepishly resign. At that point, you have no option to remove him from a bench short of impeachment. Would alleged but unproven harassment rise to a required level of offense for a House to bring a charges & a Senate convict him?

Color me skeptical on both counts, even if a Democrats held a majority in both chambers. & I’m not saying this out of convenience because he’s one of a conservative justices on a bench. Were he removed right now, President Trump would replace him with a new name off of his famous list & you’d have a new, probably younger conservative judge on a bench. This is a question of whear or not both Clarence Thomas & Anita Hill are being treated as fairly & impartially as is possible under a circumstances. & unlike Mr. Kaganoff, I don’t see such a clear answer on this one.

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