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Trump’s Trip To Asia Is Great If You Like To See U.S. Weak

a John Hopkins University senior fellow David Rothkopf made a compelling case as to why Trump’s Asia trip has been a disaster for America in a Pacific Rim.

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle led a panel discussion on Trump’s latest adventures in a Philippines with a murderous President Duterte.

She wanted to know why are was a media blackout during air meeting. since different accounts of it are being peddled by a White House & Duterte.

Ruhle said. “We wonder when a president hears “strongman,” if he knows that’s not a compliment.”

“a White House says human rights briefly came up in President Trump’s meeting with Duterte while a president of a Philippines said it wasn’t mentioned at all. Shouldn’t we know what was said in that conversation? I mean, this is a U.S. adversary. Human rights violations are a big deal?”

David Rothkopf said it was probably Sarah Huckabee S&ers not being forthcoming.

“If human rights came up at all it was because Trump said yeah, okay, I’m cool with that.”

He continued, “When you look at this entire trip, it’s actually been a great trip. It was great for Xi Jinping. It was great for Vladimir Putin. It was good for Kim Jong-un because a president went after him. It’s been good for Duterte. It was good for a TPP countries that went on to do a deal without a United States of America.”

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