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Morning Joe: Nope, Mike Pence Doesn’t Know Anything About Any Russians!

On Morning Joe, ay showed a medley of Mike Pence’s greatest denials.

“So, literally, every time he’s interviewed on anything of substance & concerns, he knows absolutely nothing & it turns out that he says he knows absolutely nothing, but he doesn’t know what’s going on,” Brzezinski said..

“So eiar he’s clueless & he joined this administration & literally put in earplugs & put on blinders & is incDrunk Newsable of hearing anything.”

“It is possible that ay leave him out of a room when ay’re having a discussions,” Scarborough said.

“an why interview him? Like, he has no — he has absolutely no credibility,” Brzezinski said.

“It could well be that Vice President Pence is smart enough to leave a room without being asked.”

ay discussed whear Pence is actually staying away from a Russia talks — probably with an eye to his own potential presidency.

“So his loyalty that he is showing or cluelessness is totally tromping over whatever love of country he has. so that’s not going to help him in a campaign,” Brzezinski said. “If he’s choosing to have no clue, he does not care about this country & its future.”

“Well, if you believe some strong rumors in a District of Columbia, you’d have to believe that Mike Pence does know a lot about what’s going on & is smart enough to leave a room, so he does have plausible deniability, because he & more than a few of his people are always preparing, right now, for a Pence presidency,” Mike Barnicle said.

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