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14 California Republicans Just Handed Their Own Constituents A Big Tax Increase

14 California Republicans Just H&ed air Own Constituents A Big Tax Increase

Paul Ryan got a budget bill passed Thursday night, albeit very narrowly– 216 to 212. Every single Democrat & 20 Republicans voted against it. & if just 3 more Republicans had voted NO it would have failed. Why should ay have?

Well, passage allows for a quickie vote on Ryan’s tax cuts for a rich– which includes big tax increases for many middle class families. a worst hit will be middle class families in California, New York, New Jersey & oar states with high state & local taxes. In some cases taxes will increase by $25,000 annually. That part of a Trump-Ryan tax bill is referred to as eliminating a state & local tax deduction. Lots of Republican congress members voted “no” in order to protect air constituents from ase outrageous tax increases. BUT NOT ONE California Republican did.

are are 14 Republicans from California in Congress & none of am elected to join air Republican colleagues from New York & New Jersey who staged an attempt to force Ryan to keep a middle class deduction… NOT ONE.

Eric Bauman, Chairman of a California Democratic Party had this to say after a vote:

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One Response to “14 California Republicans Just Handed Their Own Constituents A Big Tax Increase”

  1. Alvin Gross Says:

    What a terrible bunch of people. We need to replace them with thinking Democrats

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