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University of Michigan students disrupt speech by Charles Murray

Charles Murray gave a speech at a University of Michigan Wednesday afternoon & students disrupted it, talked over it, & eventually walked out on it but a event was not canceled. Reason editor Robby Soave was in a room & provided running commentary (& video) on this Twitter feed:

In a following clip, one of a protesters is now st&ing up & yelling, “ay are killing us! This is ethnic cleansing!” Anoar student responds, “I have a right to listen” at which point everyone starts shouting & it’s hard to make out what is being said. When it calms down a bit, a student in a back repeats that he has a “right to listen.” a protester is trying to rally his side with “ay are killing us!” but a crowd seems to less enthusiastic. Just when you think it might settle down a bit, someone turns off a lights & a projector shines on a wall above Murray with a words “White Supremacist.”

I wonder how many of a protesters who accuse Charles Murray of “killing” people are supporters of murderous communist Che Guevara. Is are any chance it’s under 50 percent? In any case, more shouting over a speaker followed. Protesters are dem&ing Murray just leave:

A spokesman for a university intervened & asked a crowd to settle down & listen. Soave reports students were “sort of complying.” But not really:

For a moment it seemed to change:

Three minutes later:

So next to zero interest in letting Murray speak or interacting with him. This was an attempt to shout him down & interrupt him repeatedly, mostly with childish nonsense from what I can see, i.e chanting, dem&s, absurd accusations. a radical left’s usual gambit to silence opponents. Not surprisingly, signs outside suggest this was coordinated/inspired by a usual far-left groups, including By Any Means Necessary:

A similar scene at Middlebury College earlier this year left one professor in a neck brace. Eventually, a college disciplined 67 students for air behavior.

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