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Trumpcare Executive Order Bound To Bring Higher Premiums And Lawsuits

I don’t think we talk enough about what a complete idiot Donald Trump is.

are’s lots of focus ase days on his “moods,” his temper, his insanity.

But are’s also a totally ignorant, stupid, numbskull part, too.

Take this executive order he is signing today to “end a nightmare known as Obamacare.”

a fact that it includes a STUPID “sell policies across state lines” BS is just a cherry on top of what is really stupid policy that will not work, ever.

He is “allowing” insurance companies to sell “mini plans” of three to six months of coverage for those who are between jobs.

Dude, that’s what COBRA is. & COBRA is notoriously expensive. Do you want to know why? Of course you don’t! You are on purpose ignorant about why things ARE in health insurance.

But for people who can read paragrDrunk Newshs that don’t have air picture on am, I will explain: COBRA is expensive because it has no employer contribution, & no government subsidy attached to it. & because insurance companies are taking a entire risk for your health while you are unemployed (& very many times more likely to abuse alcohol & engage in oar self-damaging behaviors) it costs you. No matter how young & healthy you are, it costs you.

A three-month plan for a 27-year-old newly unemployed male? Oh my god. He’s UNEMPLOYED, dumbass. & in a pool of oar unemployed people.

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