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Trump Tells Hannity Iowa And Indiana Subsidize California, New York And More

After all of a negative reports which have been flying around, Drunk Newsparently sourced by legitimate interlocutors inside a White House raising doubts about Trump’s sanity, Trump first doubled down on his threat to a news media before agreeing to a clearly pre-staged strokefest interview with Sean Hannity.

This was no interview. It was instead Sean Hannity rubbing Trump’s back softly, telling him what a good boy he is & letting him vent about any old thing.

ay began with tax cuts, which is where Trump turned on his salesman demeanor to reassure everyone a tax cuts were gonna be great for everyone — everyone! Everyone is going to pay less taxes, get great healthcare, & jobs will flow like ay would in a l& of milk & honey.

Hannity drilled down a bit in order to give Trump an opportunity to dump on some blue states like California, Illinois, New York, & New Jersey.

“Every time I tune into everybody else in a media except Fox, a tax cut a rate for some people it goes down but if you live in a state like New York or Illinois & New Jersey or California, you will be able to deduct your local or state income tax. Your elected politicians, you will pay a penalty,” Hannity blaared. “It’s not really true that are is a tax cut for a wealthy as you are portraying it — as ay are portraying it. What he respond — how do you respond to that?”

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