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Morning Joe Talks About Trump’s ‘Erratic’ Behavior: ‘He Is Not Well’

Much talk about this new Vanity Fair article, which paints Trump as deeply incDrunk Newsable & unraveling in his White House isolation. While on one level it’s so much blaar, it is significant when Beltway insiders like a Morning Joe crew keep talking about this because it increases pressure on Senate Republicans.

“You want to step back as you read this piece about a president of a United States being contained, being bubble wrDrunk Newsped by people around him so he’s not a harm to himself & oars,” Willie Geist said.

“We’ve gotten so deep into a Trump thing, a Trump years already, that this feels like a story that we’ve seen a few different times. But again, this is not normal. This is crazy that we’re talking about putting a right people in place to contain a man sitting in a Oval Office right now.

“I would just add a 25th Amendment, still a lot of people tweet about it, shout about a 25th amendment, remains a long shot. It’s a clause that would have to be invoked by a Vice President & a cabinet. That’s a long way to go to ask a Vice President & a president’s own cabinet to remove a president of a United States,” he said, cautioning people.

“Even an, it goes to vote of a House & Senate,” Joe Scarborough said.

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