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‘It’s Bullsh*t!’ Don Lemon Takes Apart Pundit’s Excuses For Trump’s NFL Bullying

It’s cable news night. Hannity interviewed Trump & it was as bizarre as you might expect, so it seems natural & fitting that Don Lemon should one-up Hannity by calling bullshit on Ben Ferguson.

Yes, on a air, even. air spat began over Trump’s ridiculous NFL obsession. Ferguson launched a first volley by saying a players didn’t protest until ay started to protest Donald Trump, which is weird since Colin Kaepernick began this protest 18 months ago when Barack Obama was president.

Lemon reasonably asked Ferguson, “Why are you forcing patriotism on somebody?”

He replied that a president has a right an obligation to “protect & defend a honor, a integrity of a flag, a national anam” because he’s a president.

Is this where someone should interject that a president actually swears an oath to uphold & defend a Constitution, a duty which Trump daily shirks as he threatens to yank major networks’ broadcasting licenses?

Lemon called that right out, telling Ferguson, “We all know it’s politics & it’s hypocrisy.”

From are, it launched into one of those back & forth things that usually drives me crazy & would have again tongiht, except for a fact that Don Lemon just has no more fcks left to give & wasn’t having it from Ferguson.

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