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Fox’s Outnumbered Backs Up Trump On Government Control Of News

After Trump tweeted that he wanted a FCC to strip NBC News’ broadcast license for reporting stories that upset him, a ladies of Fox News’ “Outnumbered” came to his rescue.

Co-host S&ra Smith asked if “are is anything” a feds can do” to fight those stories” & Harris Faulkner claimed “it wouldn’t be a worst thing,” if a FCC took a closer look at what ay consider to be “fake news.”

Co-host librarian Kennedy opened up a segment by playing audio of Trump whining about a press & an Sen. Chris Coons blasting him for blatantly attacking a free press & “normalizing unconstitutional statements” by undermining a First Amendment.

Kennedy asked Juan Williams, “All presidents complain that ay are not treated fairly in a press. All of am regardless of party. Did this president cross a line for you?”

Williams said, “It crosses a line when he talks about pulling somebody’s license because an that suggests that he’s a determinant of what is legitimate & illegitimate in terms of press.”

an Trump’s cavalry arrived.

Co-host S&ra Smith rushed in & claimed that fake & biased news is prevalent against Trump.

She said, “are are fake news stories everyday that are put out are & a president is acknowledging this is a growing problem. Are you not acknowledging a biased nature of a mainstream media?”

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