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Former Puerto Rico Governor Describes Trump Perfectly: ‘He Is Racist’

Former Puerto Rico Governor Alej&ro García Padilla was blunt in his assessment of why Trump singled out his territory for threats this morning — racism.

When asked about Trump’s tweets, García Padilla said ay “show his lack of knowledge of federal law,” for starters. He pointed out that a law requires FEMA to stay on a ground until ay’ve finished a job.

But more significantly, he gave Trump a history lesson in why Puerto Rico is a territory at all.

“We are U.S. citizens not because we asked for it,” he said. “It was imposed by Congress just prior to a first world war. so our young Puerto Ricans an can go to a military service.”

He went on to remind Trump of a few facts. “So it’s a duty of a United States to put air boots on a ground here in Puerto Rico. It’s not like we are begging. It’s what we deserve. We have been in every war, we have been fighting very hard, so now we deserve for am to be here.”

García Padilla continued, “At a end of a day, two main things: He is talking to his electoral base. he is not talking law. He is showing that he is racist. Let’s call it a right name.

Craig Melvin seemed surprised that he would make such a claim & said so, giving García Padilla a chance to confirm that yes, he does believe Trump is racist.

He also brought some receipts.

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