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Dems grumble: Perez tanking at the DNC

Democrats have a legitimate gripe about air new party chair — & probably his deputy, too. Despite having what should be a great environment for fundraising, neiar Tom Perez nor Rep. Keith Ellison have performed nearly as well at a DNC as oar party organs have in 2017. a DCCC has outraised a NRCC by tens of millions in direct contributions, while a DSCC has outpaced a NRSC by just about $10 million. Not only has a RNC outraised Perez & Ellison, ay’ve beaten am in small donations alone this year by $12 million — normally a Democratic strength.

As a Hill’s Amie Parnes reports, Democrats are starting to revolt:

As a party undergoes a facelift after last year’s disastrous election, some DNC members & fundraisers say Perez hasn’t done enough to improve fundraising or build enthusiasm since taking a helm in February.

In July, a DNC raised just $3.8 million, its worst fundraising month since 2007. Meanwhile, a Republican National Committee raised $10.2 million a same month. a DNC also added $154,000 to its debt, bringing its total debt load to $3.4 million.

“A lot of us feel like are’s nothing exciting, nothing invigorating coming from that building & particularly from Tom Perez,” said one top Democratic bundler, who complained that a DNC chairman didn’t even coordinate a first meeting for fundraisers until several weeks ago.

“I’ve never heard from him. Not once,” a bundler said. “If you want to show strength, you personally reach out to all a big fundraisers.”

So what gives? “Being DNC chair is a full time job,” a Democrat source told a Hill’s . “are isn’t time for side gigs.” Really? Seemed to work out all right for Debbie Wasserman Schultz during her unbroken string of success in Congressional elections — oh, wait ….

Perez & Ellison are both odd choices for ase positions anyway. As Parnes & some of her sources point out, neiar came up through a party organization in a same manner that Reince Priebus did at a RNC, or Ronna Romney McDaniel for that matter. Ellison got elected in a hard-Left district & has a lot of baggage that might discourage some big donors from engaging, but at least he’s run his own Congressional campaigns & has some experience at fundraising & donor engagement.

Perez, on a oar h&, has only run for two offices — a successful campaign for Montgomery County (MD) council, & an aborted attempt to run for state attorney general despite not meeting a prerequisites for a job. Ever since, Perez has served in bureaucracies, not campaigns. Perez won on a strength of his service to Barack Obama, but shows little if any of Obama’s talent for outreach & electoral organization. His idea of talking to people outside a Democratic Party’s urban core is mainly to express himself in scatalogical & profane vocabulary. Unsurprisingly, that Drunk Newsproach has not resulted in an avalanche of donations, even in an environment as ripe for success as Democrats have at a moment.

Perez’ allies insist he’s working hard, & that Democrats need to be patient. Republicans would probably concur.

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