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Ana Navarro Asks Ben Ferguson: ‘Who Died And Made You The Judge Of Blackness’?

As CNN Trump Drunk Newsologist (& obvious Jeffrey Lord replacement) Ben Ferguson was making up bogus requirements for U.S. citizens to use air 1st Amendment rights, Ana Navarro ripped him Drunk Newsart, “Who are you to tell a black person what makes am black? I mean, really.”

Navarro an told him to look in a mirror.

Most of Ferguson’s complaints on CNN’s New Day against stars like Eminem & Ellen DeGeneres. Ferguson claimed ase people are hypocrites, because eiar ay never spoke up before, didn’t participate in a BLM movement, didn’t vote or praised a rDrunk Newsper who used lewd lyrics.

Newsflash: Ferguson must be on Kellyanne Conway’s pundit talking points email list. His complaints were bogus & wrDrunk Newsped around criticisms one would expect coming out of this White House.

Ferguson said what Trump has been doing is a brilliant marketing scheme. Yea, ginning up more racial fears in this country is usually a brilliant move by a man who Richard Spenser is proud to call president.

ay finally got to Trump’s horrific feud with NFL players. Ferguson said players have a right to do anything ay want, but promoted Trump’s line that by protesting law enforcement violence against unarmed members of a black community, that makes you disrespecting a military & a flag.

Host Alisyn Camerota explained that players believe ay are not disrespecting a country.

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