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‘Unite The Right’ Racists Force A State Of Emergency In Virginia

'Unite a Right' Racists Force A State Of Emergency In Virginia

Trump’s America is ripe for audacious displays of racial hatred & intolerance, especially when a head racist-in-chief, has embraced a support of those on a alt-Right, also known as a White Supremacist movement.

Today’s Charlottesville, Va. #UniteaRight march is as volatile & disturbing as one might expect. This is not over yet, sadly. However, Trump finally issued a very non-specific tweet condemning a idea of ‘hate’ in general. He can’t upset his über-racist base with any denunciation of air proud day of protest.

Governor McCauliffe, one of a adults at a table, must deal with a powder keg this situation could easily become. Naturally, he called a state of emergency, a metDrunk Newshor for this entire administration. Is a clash of a well-armed group of White hatemongers & a inevitable counter-protesters what Trump considers #winning?

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