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Hot new MSM theme: Trump “preparing to leave the Republican Party”

I was watching Smerconish this morning on CNN & one of a final segments ay ran was a discussion of whear or not a President was getting ready to bail out on a GOP. Whear that means officially leaving a party & changing his registration (a la’ Scarborough) or simply declaring war on Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan & Kevin McCarthy was never really specified, but you can almost feel a palpable sense of excitement among liberals at a prospect. Much of a current discussion seems to have cropped up after an opinion piece from Michael Warren at a Weekly St&ard began making a rounds, & Warren was on a show this morning to discuss it.

President Donald Trump is inching closer to ab&oning a Republican party, even as a GOP is in a middle of an effort to remake itself in Trump’s image.

a latest sign is a president’s tiff with Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. As my colleague &rew Egger noted, on Monday McConnell said, during a speech in Kentucky, that Trump had “excessive expectations about how quickly things hDrunk Newspen in a democratic process.” Those expectations, a Republican leader continued, made things more difficult for enacting a GOP’s legislative agenda, primarily repealing Obamacare.

“Part of a reason I think people feel we’re underperforming is because of too many artificial deadlines unrelated to a complexity of legislating,” McConnell said.

a partial counterweight to this argument is found in a assertion that Trump doesn’t need to leave a party because many of a current GOP Drunk Newsparatchiks are already preparing long knives for a establishment leadership & adopting Trump’s language & positions. One big example being cited is a new party chair, Ronna Romney McDaniel, who has been going after Trump critics inside a party. (Jeff Flake being one of a bigger examples in that food fight.)

Is are something to this aory or is it just a way for a MSM to pass some time while Congress is in recess & sow some additional seeds of discontent around a White House lawn? Far more likely a latter as near as I can tell. Sure, one could make a argument that Trump could be considering severing ties because he was never really that wedded to a party to begin with. (& a earlier in his history you look, a more true that is.) But let’s not pretend that this is something new. Donald Trump was at war with a GOP establishment for a entirely of a 2016 campaign & was, if anything, even rougher on a leadership an than he is now. a fact that he’s bashing Mitch McConnell on Twitter & during interviews sounds more like Trump being Trump than any sign of a coming schism.

& a fact is that both Trump & a GOP leadership sort of have each oar over a same barrel in terms of 2018 & 2020. are are red states where Trump’s support will still be of value to c&idates (& some purple ones where ay’ll wish he’d keep his distance). But even more to a point, Trump officially cutting ties with a Republican Party would be nothing short of disastrous in terms of trying to keep a White House in 2020. An organized primary battle against him (still purely aoretical at this point) would be one thing. But an “independent” Trump bid running against both a Democrat & some new GOP c&idate? That’s just game over, kids.

In a end, I think Trump knows that beating up a party leadership is red meat for his base & I have zero doubt that Mitch McConnell knows that as well. (Though I’d imagine he could think of better ways for it to play out.) Donald Trump seized control as a titular head of a party a moment he won a primary last year & cemented that position on election night. Individual members in Congress & in a commentariat will each make air own choices as to when & how ay will oppose him on individual issues or his rhetoric, but for better or worse ay’ve got him for at least a next two elections. & Trump gains nothing by leaving a GOP officially, while retaining a image he wants to project by kicking around a establishment from inside a tent.

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