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Gingrich Breaks From Trump: ‘I Disagree With This Entire Strategy, If It Is A Strategy’

Trump surrogate & former Speaker Newt Gingrich for some reason didn’t play cheerleader over Trump bashing Mitch McConnell & told him to get in a game.

On Mornings With Maria, FBN’s Maria Bartiromo played a clip of Trump yelling at Speaker McConnell to get back to work, while he’s on vacation himself.

Bartiromo asked Newt, “It’s a Senate that’s a problem, isn’t it?”

An annoyed Gingrich raised his h&s in exacerbation. “No – It’s not a Senate that’s a problem. It’s a whole problem that’s a problem.”

Trump even has Newt speaking in tongues.

“It’s trying to solve one-fifth of a American economy, life & death, in one gigantic bill, exactly what we said Obama did wrong, & recognizing it’s really, really, really hard to do.” Gingrich said.

Obamacare seems to be working pretty well at this juncture, Newt. Too bad so many Republican governors refused medicaid expansion money.

an Newt had to do a little shoe shinning & said, “But notice, as much as I admire a President, & as much as I think he’s h&ling North Korea well, I think he’s h&ling a Senate about equally badly.”

It’s not a he, us kind of situation,” Gingrich said. “a president is on a field. You know, he’s not an owner sitting up in a box. He’s one of a players.”

Newt spun some weird strategy that Trump should pick off some Democrats instead of attacking McConnell & he should be putting “fire” on am instead.

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