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Scarborough Takes A Shot At Sean Hannity As ‘State Run Media’

Morning Joe’s Scarborough was shaking his head today at a culture of lies around Donald Trump — & Jay Sekulow’s part in a practice. He told Jeremy Peters as much.

“I’ve known Jay for a long time & liked Jay for a long time, but are are so many false statements are, talk about conflating things, it’s staggering,” he said.

“& Jeremy Peters, if you look at what Jay Sekulow was forced to go out & say last weekend on a Sunday shows, if you look at a statement that a president of a United States signed off on with all a president’s men around him on Air Force One, coming back from Europe, lying, lying to a New York Times, lying to a American people, saying this meeting was just about adoption, & an a next day, lying about a people that were in it. an going on a TV show that basically state-run television & being asked at a end of that TV show, is are anything else that we don’t know about?

“& Don Jr. saying, ‘That’s it.’ & a next day we find out anoar person attended a meeting & a next day we find out that somebody connected with a KGB that basically was an intel officer at a meeting — & a next day finding out are are two oar people at a meeting. ase people keep getting caught in air lies, day after day

“a president of a United States keep saying nothing to see here, move along, move along. It’s like actually a character out of a Simpsons. are is something to see here, & even air own base knows that.”

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