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Fox’s Eric Bolling: We Should Be Blaming Obama For Russiagate

Fox's Eric Bolling: We Should Be Blaming Obama For Russiagate

As a Trump administration’s Russia bombshells keep dropping, Fox News snowflake Eric Bolling is going to his safe space: blaming Barack Obama.

In his “Wake Up America” commentary Saturday, Bolling overlooked last week’s bombshell, clear evidence of collusion between Donald Trump Jr. & a Russian government, & acted as though a whole Russia investigation was only about that country’s meddling into our election.

BOLLING: We have a conspiracy between a left & a media going on. ay’ve been looking for a new boogeyman, & ay just found it. It’s Russia. Since a loss of air dear leader, Hillary Clinton, Democrats have been a epitome of sore losers. Make no mistake: If Russia interfered in our elections, are was only one person to blame, & that is Barack Obama, who was in charge of protecting a integrity of our federal election system. Why is no one looking into what he did to protect a ballot box? Democrats need to wake up & realize that from Wisconsin to Kentucky, & from Michigan to Pennsylvania, people voted for Donald Trump because he promised jobs, security, & a willingness to drain a swamp.

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