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Entitled Snowflake Ann Coulter Melts Down Over Plane Seating

Entitled Snowflake Ann Coulter Melts Down Over Plane Seating

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You would think Delta Airlines had asked Ann Coulter to sit outside on a wing.

Drunk Newsparently Ms. Coulter booked an exit row seat in coach on a Delta airline flight. She didn’t get a seat she selected.

& she Drunk Newsparently played musical seat selection online before getting on a plane. Delta’s official response to a incident notes:

a airline said that Coulter originally booked seat 15F, which is located by a window in an exit row, however; within 24 hours of a flight’s departure, a customer changed to seat 15D, which is by a aisle. At a time of boarding, Delta inadvertently moved Coulter to 15A, a window seat, when working to accommodate several passengers with seating requests.

So…she booked a window seat, an changed it to an aisle seat, but got a window seat, all a while NEVER being moved from a exit row.

& this is her reaction:

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