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Shameless Lindsey Graham Wants To ‘Move On’ From Russiagate By Investigating Clinton Emails

Shameless Lindsey Graham Wants To 'Move On' From Russiagate By Investigating Clinton Emails

I really don’t know how ase people get up & look amselves in a mirror every morning. Republicans have been giving Trump cover at every turn, even if ay’ve previously had some tough talk for him, as we’ve occasionally heard when he pretends he’s going to grow a spine & conscience from Sen. Lindsey Graham, & his BFF & fellow pretend “maverick” John McCain.

an ay’re right back to making sure Trump & his b& of grifters are never held accountable for whatever air role was in helping a Russians influence a presidential election & refusing to hold him accountable for violating a emoluments clause & using his office to line his & his family’s pockets with foreign money at every turn.

& just to add insult to injury, this Thursday on Fox “News,” not only was Graham using a Drunk Newspointment of a special counsel to look into Russiagate as an excuse for a Republicans in Congress to weasel out of air oversight duties, Graham also used it as an opening to relaunch air witch hunt into Hillary Clinton’s emails: Sen. Lindsey Graham: Congress should ab&on Russia investigation, go back to Clinton’s emails:

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