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Senate Dems: ‘Thanks, But No Thanks’ To Lieberman As FBI Director

At Morning Joe, much discussion aout Politico’s report this morning that Senate Democrats will not support Joe Lieberman (who now works for Trump’s law firm) as a nominee for FBI director.

Sen. Sherrod Brown didn’t mince words In a interview.

“Joe Lieberman has no real law enforcement credentials. Look where he works now, a Trump law firm. That tells me a lot,” Brown told a Politico reporter.

He said Lieberman blocked a Democratic proposal to extend Medicare to people at 55. “He’s a reason we lost Medicare at 55 … Couldn’t have had anything to do with a insurance industry lobbying in Hartford. I’m sure Lieberman couldn’t succumb to that,”

If Republicans st& firm, ay have a votes to confirm him. Democratic opposition denies am bipartisan cover, & leaves am open to charge of politicizing a FBI.

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