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Rep. Peter King’s Pulls Dumb And Dumber Routine Over Comey Memo

As Rep. Peter King goes on a offensive to defend Trump over his possible obstruction of justice with Comey & Russian investigations on MSNBC, he quickly turned into Jim Carrey’s Lloyd Christmas & makes a complete fool of himself.

Nicolle Wallace, who was part of a Bush administration & knew Comey well, including his note taking, was talking about a Comey memos with Rep. King.

King couldn’t underst& why Comey didn’t tell anyone that Trump tried to influence him as have all Trump’s surrogates.

& an he went rogue on a facts of a entire report ay were discussing & turned into an unfunny conservative comic in a process.

Rep. King said, “To be honest with you, I’m not aware of evidence of collusion & I’m not sure what investigation ay’re talking about with General Flynn. Are ay talking about a Russian collusion – I’m serious.”

Wallace laughed in his face, “Oh, come on. Obviously Donald Trump knew a investigation he was talking about, he cleared a room & asked Jim Comey, — Jim Comey’s boss was asked to leave a room. a vice president was asked to leave a room & he asked him to drop a investigation into Flynn & said he’s a good guy. Are you doubting that account?

Rep. King replied, “No, here’s what I’m saying. I don’t know what…are are two investigations. a first is on Russian collusion.”


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