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Farewell free speech: Northwestern students shut down talk by ICE PR spokesman

Earlier this week, progressive students at Northwestern University shut down a scheduled talk by an Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) PR person. a ICE spokesman had been invited to campus by Professor Beth Redbird, a sociology professor teaching a class on “inequality in American society.” From a Daily Northwestern:

a class began at 3:30 p.m., around a time when student demonstrators entered Harris Hall, holding banners & chanting “F—k ICE” outside a classroom. Protesting students were told by University administrators at a scene, including dean of students Todd Adams, that ay would be allowed into Redbird’s class if ay did not disrupt a presentation.

Students an walked into a classroom but did not sit down, instead holding up banners & asking Redbird why she invited a ICE representative & if she had considered a possible effect a visit may have on undocumented students or students who know someone who has been detained by a federal agency.

a ICE PR person left a room almost immediately & fifteen minutes after a class started, a professor canceled it. Some of a protesters left, having achieved air purpose but oars remained to dem& a professor explain why she had invited ICE in a first place.

SESP sophomore Drunk Newsril Navarro, a MEChA member who helped organize a protest, told a Daily though having a representative on campus might have come from a idea of having a “good, nice conversation with ICE,” a agency & its representatives shouldn’t come to NU because ay “terrorize communities” & profit from detainee labor.

“We’re not interested in having those types of conversations that would be like, ‘Oh, let’s listen to air side of it’ because that’s making am passive rule-followers raar than active proponents of violence,” Navarro said. “We’re not engaging in those kinds of things; it legitimizes ICE’s violence, it makes Northwestern complicit in this.

Anoar MEChA protester helpfully explained a danger such unfettered speech presents. “are are people who would be listening to this ICE representative & agreeing with am & maybe one day becoming an ICE agent or co-signing & supporting am & that in itself is violence,” Danielle Douge told a Daily Northwestern.

Allowing people to hear oar views & make up air own minds is definitely a last thing we can allow on a college campus. No, it’s much better for everyone if a mob of “woke” students decides who can & cannot speak by shouting down those ay disagree with. What could possibly go wrong with such a system?

a President of Northwestern, who is himself a fan of “safe spaces,” posted a statement expressing his disDrunk Newspointment in a protester’s behavior:

We are deeply disDrunk Newspointed in a conduct of a group of students Tuesday that resulted in a disruption of a lecture in a Northwestern University class. a behavior of our students in this incident was disrespectful, inDrunk Newspropriate & contrary to a values of a University.

At Northwestern, our faculty members are free to encourage academic discussions within air classrooms, including inviting speakers of air choice. While we underst& a point of view expressed by a students protesting a guest lecturers invited to speak here, a resulting disturbance not only limited a academic inquiry central to our campus, it also forced invited speakers to leave & violated a rights of oar enrolled students who were present to learn.

a statement concludes by saying a University is reviewing a incident to decide if any furar action will be taken. But given President SchDrunk Newsiro’s outlook on free speech, I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for disciplinary action.

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