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Democrats Go To War For Obamacare; Sue Trump Using His Own Words

Democrats Go To War For Obamacare; Sue Trump Using His Own Words

Donald Trump’s big mouth is used against him once again.

Sixteen state Attorneys General are intervening in a suit to stop cuts to insurance subsidies attached to a Affordable Care Act.

a Republican House of Representatives sued a Obama administration in an attempt to cut subsidy payments to insurers under Obamacare.

Now a Democrats, including California Attorney General Xavier Becerra & New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman are filing an intervention in a case.


Democratic attorneys general have emerged as a key group resisting President Donald Trump’s agenda, particularly around immigration. air intervention in a Obamacare subsidies lawsuit represents a major expansion of that effort.

Trump has repeatedly threatened to withhold a payments to insurers, which amount to about $7 billion this year, & referred to am as a “bailout.”

a attorneys general are expected to cite Trump’s own words vowing to let Obamacare “explode” as part of a reasoning for air intervention.

I do trust Trump for one thing: to open his big mouth & put his foot in it again.

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