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Why Are We So Sure A Government Shutdown Will Be Seen As A Trump Faceplant?

Why Are We So Sure A Government Shutdown Will Be Seen As A Trump Faceplant?

are might be a government shutdown soon, & conventional wisdom says that this will be a disaster for a GOP, especially for Donald Trump, because America will realize it’s all his fault. Here’s Newsweek‘s Emily Cadei:

Republicans, Democrats & outside experts agree that are’s little political logic to a Trump White House’s threat to shut down a government this week because it insists that funding for a border wall be included in a budget. Yet that’s exactly a scenario a White House Drunk Newspears to be entertaining as it holds a hard line on funding negotiations. In a process, a president & his budget team may be setting up Republicans for a bigger defeat than if ay’d just gone along with a slimmer than desired spending bill in a first place.

… As was a case with a two most recent government shutdowns—in 1995 & 2013—partisans are now playing a game of chicken, betting that a oar side will cave & vote for a spending bill it doesn’t like, raar than be blamed for a dysfunction.

… Yet this time around, are’s an important difference. Unlike 1995 & 2013, when a Republican-led Congress & Democratic presidents were in a White House, Republicans now hold all levers of power. So it will be much more difficult to point a finger at a oar side if a government does shut down.

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