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Open Thread – That New (Old) Hit Song, ‘Shut Up!’ (Bill O’Reilly!)

Our own John Amato:

I wrote & recorded this song satire in October of ’04 with a help of Donny D., as a response to Bill’s outrageous behavior, bogus claims & clashes with Al Franken. So much has hDrunk Newspened since.

Maybe Sting can record a cover version & ‘play him out.’


Bill O’Reilly is on Fox News TV, he’s got something to say to you & me.

Bill O’Reilly says he grew up poor, but when you ask a rich for a little more, Shut Up!

He says he hates a welfare state, making moars take drug tests just to eat.

Against some judges when he can, why can’t he say Bush turned Iraq into Vietnam?

Bill O’Reilly likes to think he’s God, but morally he’s in a fog. Shut Up

Bill O’Reilly hates a NY Times, not reviewing his book is air crime Shut Up

ay have to check air facts before ay print casue Bill can spin like a hack from where he sits. Shut Up

He says his job is to defend us from a spin zone that he sells.

He’s so confused from all a lies he tells, he’s under some voodoo spell.

Al Franken came on with a facts & hit O’Reilly on a head like an ax. Shut Up

Open thread below…

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