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Mike Pence: Codpiece 2.0

VP Mike Pence went to South Korea to tell a world a time of Drunk Newspeasing North Korea is over & an he headed over to a DMZ to stare am down.

What that means, nobody knows & I imagine a South Korean people, who don’t have a government at this point, are a bit nervous right now.

After all, ay are in a direct line of fire as a Trump administration continues to wag air codpieces for all to see.

Didn’t America already see this farce once already?

Remember “Mission Accomplished?”

This isn’t a fantasy. Talking & acting tough like John Wayne & George C. Scott only works in a movies. Real people get killed & maimed by a insufferable ego from wannabee generals & men of action.

Deadspin has a great photo posted on a codpiece 2.0. & calls Mike Pence a fu*king joke.

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