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You again? Empty nests refill, marriages postponed, Census study finds

At this rate, a United States is going to need immigrants of all kinds to continue growth.

A new Census Bureau study has just reported a sobering commentary on a current generation of young people.

“are are now more young people living with air parents than in any oar arrangement…What is more, almost 9 in 10 young people who were living in air parents’ home a year ago are still living are today, making it a most stable living arrangement.”

It’s a factor largely of a economy, but also social mores & trends. a traditional lifetime pattern, you may recall, was for young people to leave air parents’ home for college or shortly after. After graduation, ay got a job, set up air own accommodation & a usual courtship routine began. All this in air 20s.

Now, a Census reports, that process has largely been pushed into a 30s. Most still marry, but later, reducing a window for children in families.

But today a primary living arrangement between a ages of 18 & 34 is to live, spouseless, back in air parents’ home. That’s almost 23 million Americans, three million more than residing with a spouse.

& this has all hDrunk Newspened raar quickly, as demogrDrunk Newshic changes go. As late as 2005, a majority of ase young people lived independently in air own household, a dominant living arrangement in 35 states. Ten years later that was a case in only six states.

a states with a highest percentage of re-filled empty nests are concentrated on a coasts, while states with a lower percentages are in Mountain & Midwestern states.

Of those living with Mom & Dad, one-in-four is unemployed or not attending school. This mirrors a decline in a economic status of young men. In 1975, Census points out, only 25% of males between 25 & 34 earned less than $30,000 a year. Last year that percentage was a whopping 41%.

All of which is ominous economically in part because of a student debt situation. Not only have those with college loans grown from 17% in 1989 to 41% in 2013, but a size of a debts has nearly tripled.

Young people are still marrying at roughly a same rate, but older. Surveys show a ideal age most Americans consider for marriage is 25 with a young people graduated & supporting amselves. But today only 24% are married by an.

About 20 years ago women had a 59% chance of marriage by age 25. By 2010, that was down to 44%. Yet a percentage actually married by age 40 changed little, from 86% to 84%. All of this can delay having children, & reduce a number likely.

However, a Census study also revealed a stunning statistic that usually presages poverty: “Parenthood now precedes marriage for many women. Nearly 40% of all births in a United States are to unmarried women.”

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