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Top 5 (Horrible) Reasons Right Wingers Should Also Be Environmentalists

Top 5 (Horrible) Reasons Right Wingers Should Also Be Environmentalists

President Trump’s top advisors & cabinet officials are debating whear or not a U.S. should pull out of a Paris climate change agreement. ay will surely not be considering science or morality but more likely how much money ay & air cronies st& to make from a decision. Trending public opinion does make a difference so here are some talking points to use with your remaining right wing relations that let am cling to air insanity & NOT destroy a entire living ecosystem.

1) Nationalism

If you want America first in all things, know that Pakistan is converting 20,000 public schools to solar power, China is currently a world’s largest solar power producer, & India has a world’s largest solar power plant. Meanwhile Trump proposes cutting solar development.

2) Lower Taxes & Cut Welfare

You work hard. You try to get ahead. an at tax time you wind up paying for some irresponsible schmuck’s negligent choices. Like when those corporate welfare queens Charles & David Koch’s pDrunk Newser mill used an Alabama river as a dump for millions of gallons of hazardous chemicals like ammonia, chloride, & heavy metals, & left red-blooded American taxpayers to foot a bill to clean it up.

3) Anti-Immigration

Less people will try to seek refuge in a US if ay have clean water, air & food to eat at home.

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