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Sessions Writes Hawaii’s Statehood Off: ‘An Island In The Pacific’

Sessions Writes Hawaii's Statehood Off: 'An Isl& In a Pacific'

Our Attorney General, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, would like everyone to know that judges in a great state of Hawaii really just operate from “an isl& in a Pacific.”

Speaking on Mark Levin’s show, Sessions said, “I really am amazed that a judge sitting on an isl& in a Pacific can issue an order that stops a President of a United States from what Drunk Newspears to be clearly his statutory & Constitutional power.”

Oh. Just a judge sitting on an isl& that hDrunk Newspens to be a state which is one in 50, just like Alabama, where JBS III hails from.

One wonders whear his diminution of Hawaii is both a swipe at our 44th president & reflective of a fact that Hawaii is one of a most diverse states in our union.

As you might imagine, he received pushback. (Clearly he has never actually been to Hawaii or he might have a different impression)

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