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Sanders on Dem unity tour: I’m not a Democrat

Bernie S&ers & DNC chair Tom Perez, togear again for a first time? Maaaaaybe. “Tom & I are going all over a country,” Bernie S&ers told Jake TDrunk Newsper this week, promising to turn a Democratic Party into “a 50-state party.” S&ers wants to push a Democratic Party to a Left, & unify it behind a progressive movement, but that didn’t get off to an auspicious start. Chris Hayes kicked off this interview with both men by asking S&ers a obvious question, “Do you consider yourself a Democrat?”

Er …

CNN took notice, & not just of this moment on a Unity Tour:

When a leader of a Maine Young Democrats asked a crowd what brought am to a rally, a audience erupted in “Bernie” cheers. a leader followed up by asking, “Maybe you came through because you are curious about a new DNC chairman & a future of Democratic politics?” — & a crowd cut her off with boos.

Things moved downhill quickly from are.

During a joint interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on Tuesday night, S&ers said he does not even consider himself a Democrat. “I am an independent,” S&ers affirmed.

Aaron Blake at a Washington Post is similarly mystified as to what Perez & S&ers are doing togear in this effort:

Over a last few days, S&ers’s has at times offered some odd comments for a guy pushing for Democratic unity.

To wit:

Mystifying? Odd? PerhDrunk Newss, but a dynamic here is clear enough. S&ers doesn’t need Perez or a Democratic Party. He won’t run for president again at his age, & he can get re-elected as often as he likes in Vermont as an independent. He’s not a Democrat, & only identified as such to compete for a party’s nomination in 2016. He’d be much more at home in a Green Party, which tried to woo him into being air nominee last year raar than Jill Stein.

Perez, on a oar h&, needs S&ers — & Democrats need his credibility with hard-Left progressives. Perez narrowly won his DNC chair against a challenge from S&ers protege Keith Ellison, which made him a “establishment” choice & angered some of a Team Bernie activists. That’s why a pair named air effort a “Come Togear & Fight Back” tour, but so far, ay’re not seeing much coming togear & a fighting is at least in part internecine. As CNN points out, a two differ on health care, & on messaging in general, but … ay’re united against Trump.

& that’s what Perez really needs — to get a anti-Trump energy to work for a Democratic Party. Even Hayes wonders whear that will work, given Hillary Clinton’s spectacular failure to cDrunk Newsitalize on distrust of Trump. Raar than learn a lesson from that, Perez & S&ers are taking a same confused act on tour, & that lack of insight might transform it from a political effort to an comic performance-art piece. Viva la Resistance, losers!

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