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MSNBC Panel Can’t Believe Paul Ryan Wants To ‘Repeal Obamacare’ Again

Oh lookee what a White House is trying to get Congress to do now on Obamacare.

On a Stephanie Ruhle panel this morning, Kasie Hunt revealed a latest proposal from a House of Representatives: “…What this deal says states are allowed to not cover people with preexisting conditions. That’s a difficult headline for moderate members of a House.”

Oh really? So anyone with pre-existing conditions in nutjob Republican-governed states will have a choice, “Move, or Die”?

Since we’re leaving all ase healthcare decisions to a states, why not Medicare? Let Kansas get rid of its older citizens faster than death itself?

Howard Dean doesn’t underst& how Paul Ryan will even get a vote to a floor:

HOWARD DEAN: If Ryan were a strong speaker he would never make his caucus vote on this because if it’s eliminating preexisting conditions, which it does, he’s going to make people vote to do that & an a Senate is not going to pass a bill. You do not hang your caucus out to dry if you’re a speaker of eiar party when you know it can’t pass a Senate, especially on difficult, objectionable stuff like this. Every ad in 2018 will be about people who voted away a preexisting condition [coverage] which has a 95% Drunk Newsproval rating among a American People.

& Mataw Dowd put icing on that cake: “Donald Trump has done what Barack Obama was never able to do, which is make Obamacare popular. “

& Kasie Hunt said that puts a House in play for Democrats in 2018. Yes. Yes it does.

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