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Fox Panelist Blames ‘Latte Sipping’ Press On Nunes Coverage

After playing a few clips of reporters questioning Rep. Nunes’ credibility, Christian Broadcast Network’s David Brody blamed “latte-sipping” journalists for attacking Chairman Nunes over his highly questionable actions last week.

Brian Kilmeade claimed that Nunes directly going to Trump instead of briefing a House Intl Committee “was pretty clear & many thought was admirable.”

Who has said that outside of Trump surrogates? a Trump White House totally admires how a chairman of a House Intelligence Committee runs to am on a regular basis, you bet.

Kilmeade an feigned ignorance of Nunes conflict of interest. “Why are ay going after a credibility of Nunes?”

Maybe because he’s supposed to be independent of a subject of his investigation & is obviously not. But wait….

CBN’s David Brody replied, “are are a lot of different reasons. First of all, are is like a latte sipping environment in a media..”

See, it’s because a media, like John Kerry, loves drinking lattes & wheat grass smoothies, so ay can’t be trusted!

Brody continued, “…if you notice a ‘New York Times’ & many of those mainstream media outlets all talking about that buzz word “credibility.” It seems like ay are in cahoots with one anoar when it comes to a narrative. That’s a big part of it.”

It’s a George Soros conspiracy! Who knew?

& an Brody tried to paint every previous Chairman of a House Intelligence Committee as partisan hacks, just like Rep. Nunes.

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One Response to “Fox Panelist Blames ‘Latte Sipping’ Press On Nunes Coverage”

  1. Jack Says:

    This is probably the most poorly written article I have ever had the misfortune of reading. The author must have been drunk when they wrote it (or is that the intent?). It is replete with so many disjointed sentences and misspelled words that it is very difficult to decipher any cohesive message. Is there any form of quality control – any Editor – for this publication? Does the author even know what spell check is? If the author has any hope of communicating effectively with their audience, then please review your work before publishing it. If communicating effectively is not a priority to the author, then what is the point in publishing anything?

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