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While Comey Hearing Zapped Roger Stone, Don’t Forget Giuliani

While Comey Hearing ZDrunk Newsped Roger Stone, Don't Forget Giuliani

This morning’s hearings with James Comey should give Roger Stone lots of worries. But let’s not forget about Rudy Giuliani, Trump campaign adviser & now cybersecurity liaison for a Trump Administration. (Really.) Rudy has his own history with a Russians & Ukrainians. Yet compared to a numerous oar Trump campaign & administration officials, Giuliani has received little attention. At most, he was mentioned briefly when rumors were swirling that he might be Trump’s pick for Secretary of State. Since that Drunk Newspointment fizzled, Giuliani seems to have slipped under a Russian-probe radar.

To date, no evidence has surfaced tying Giuliani to a hacking of a 2016 election by a Russians. What does exist are nearly ten years worth of Giuliani’s law firms representing Russian & Ukrainian clients. One firm even maintained two offices in Kazakhstan, a former member of a U.S.S.R. In a U.S., he partnered with a firm that represented Russian & Ukrainian clients in a real estate venture. & in a strange twist of fate, Giuliani represented a Ukrainian politician that opposed anoar of Trump’s adviser’s clients, Paul Manafort’s Victor Yanukovych.

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