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Chuck Grassley Resorts To Tweeting To Get Trump’s Attention

Chuck Grassley Resorts To Tweeting To Get Trump's Attention

In just two short months, we have reached a point where Trump is unreachable by phone, memo, meeting, or any oar contact….so politicians are resorting to desperately tweeting at him in a hopes of getting his attention. Case in point: Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) had a tweetstorm directly AT Trump regarding a segment on tonight’s 60 Minutes where H1B visas were discussed.

It is not a subject completely unfamiliar to Trump. Despite reporting that he too gamed a immigration system with H1B visas for foreign models for his modeling agency, Trump made a whole argument of not letting American corporations outsource American jobs a major part of his campaign speeches. Now in office, Trump’s used a same rhetoric to justify his immigration & travel ban orders, though that effectively little more than blaming a victim, & has provoked pushback from tech companies, among oars.

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