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Trey Gowdy Distracts From Trump To Indict Obama Over Leaks

a House Repubicans are trying to distract for Donald Trump by making this morning’s hearings about leaks raar than Trump campaign collusion with a Russians.

Rep. Trey Gowdy, infamous for his Benghazi committee, took it even furar, & tried to tar President Obama & his administration by naming am as possible suspects in a leaking. No, really.

Gowdy was not concerned with anything else oar than trying to prove President Obama & his administration were leaking damaging stories to a media & “unmasking” US citizens.

Gowdy started by identifying who a culprits were & said, “you would start by figuring out, who are a suspects?”

He continued, “Would national security adviser Susan Rice have access to an unmasked US citizen’s name?

Comey replied, “Yes, in general any oar nationality security adviser would as a matter of air ordinary course of business.”

Gowdy an through his list of suspects & asked, “Would former White House adviser Ben Rhodes have access?”

Comey refused to directly answer any of ase questions.

Gowdy: “Would former Attorney General Loretta Lynch have access to an unmasked US citizen’s name?”

Comey: “In general, yes, as would any attorney general.”

Gowdy: “So that would also include acting AG Sally Yates?

Comey: “Same answer.”

an Gowdy channeled Trump’s tweets & asked, “I’ll just ask you, did you brief president Obama on any calls involving Michael Flynn?”

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