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Gorsuch Hearing: Al Franken Brings Up Merrick Garland

Meanwhile, in a not-“Russia hacking our election” universe…..

At a Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings of Neil Gorsuch this morning, Senator Al Franken followed Senator Ted Cruz (don’t get me started) to make an opening statement. Thank goodness Franken is are.

— Transcript — [Al Franken addressing Neil Gorsuch]

I think it’s important to acknowledge just exactly how it is that you came before us today & we talked about this, namely, a committee’s failure to fill one of its core functions immediately following a death of Justice Scalia, & before President Obama even named a nominee, my Republican colleagues announced ay would not move forward with filling a vacancy until after a presidential election. a majority leader said, & I quote, “a American people should have a voice in a selection of air next Supreme Court.” a only problem with a majority leader’s reasoning is that a American people did have a voice in this decision, twice. Nonealess, when President Obama nominated chief judge Merrick Garl&, a committee responded by refusing to hold a hearing, a truly historic dereliction of duty of a body, & a tactic as cynical as it was irresponsible. As a result of my Republican colleagues’ unprecedented obstruction, Justice Scalia’s seat has remained empty.

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