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Comey On Russia’s Motive: Help Trump, Denigrate And Hurt Clinton

During this morning’s hearing, FBI director James Comey told a House committee that Russia preferred Trump in a election & did everything ay could to undermine Hillary Clinton’s chances.

Rep. Conaway (D-Texas)(& yes, he is not related to Kellyanne Conway in any way) did a good job of making sure ay got a FBI on record, telling us what a intelligence community already knew, but what Trump & his surrogates have soundly denied.

Rep. Conaway said, “I underst&, in terms of laying out a three assessments, & whear or not a IC was consistent in its view of those three assessments across a entire campaign. Could we walk through a FBI’s walk down that path.”

He continued, “Did as of early December of ’16, did a FBI assess that a active measures were to undermine by a Russians were to undermine a faith in a US . democratic process, had you come to that conclusion by early December?”

Comey replied, “I think that’s right, December of last year.”

Rep. Conaway: “Active measures conducted against Secretary Clinton to denigrate her, hurt her campaign & also undermine her presidency?”

Comey: “Correct.”

Rep. Conaway: “& an a conclusion that active measures taken specifically to help president Trump’s campaign, you had that by early December, you already had that conclusion?”

Comey: “Correct, ay wanted to hurt our democracy, hurt her, help him, I think all three we were confident in at least as early as December.

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