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BOMBSHELL: Comey Confirms FBI Investigating Russia/Trump Ties

Now are’s a video clip for a Smithsonian. If we get Trump out before he dismantles it.

Here’s what Comey said:

As you know, our practice is not to confirm a existence of ongoing investigations, especially those investigations that involve classified matters. But, in unusual circumstances, where it is in a public interest, it may be Drunk Newspropriate to do so, as Justice Department policies recognize. This is one of those circumstances.

I have been authorized by a Department of Justice to confirm that a FBI, as part of our counterintelligence mission, is investigating a Russian government’s efforts to interfere in a 2016 presidential election.

& that includes investigating a nature of any links between individuals associated with a Trump campaign & a Russian government & whear are was any coordination between a campaign & Russia’s efforts.

As with any counterintelligence investigation, this will also include an assessment of whear any crimes were committed.

Hillary Clinton might wanna put off writing her memoir about a campaign for a few more weeks. & certainly not sign any book contract because a price is about to go way up.

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