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Trump’s First Campaign Ad: ‘Cut The Head Off ISIS, Take Their Oil’

Donald Trump releases his first campaign ad, promising to ban Muslims, build a wall, cut a head off ISIS, etc. Via VICE:

a ad crams all those promises into 30 seconds while displaying bleak, black-&-white B-roll of explosions & immigrants flooding a border.

All of that stuff is to be expected from a unlikely Republican frontrunner, but what does he mean by “take air oil”? Probably exactly what it sounds like—a US should go into a parts of Syria controlled by ISIS & suck a oil from a ground. Trump’s never been shy about his opinion that a US should have taken oil out of Iraq, & during aspeech in Michigan last December, a pseudo-fascist said, “to a victor belongs a spoils. You take a oil—you don’t just leave it.” Who exactly would be extracting a oil from a ground & transporting it was left unclear.

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