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McCain: Benghazi Is Just Like Iran-Contra

McCain Compare Benghazi to Iran-Contra Affair

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When is Iran-Contra like Benghazi? Never, unless you’re John McCain & are relying on a average IQ of a average Fox viewer to connect a non-existent dots into something that neiar event is.

Let’s see if we can refresh memories just a bit. Iran-Contra would be when Ronald Reagan agreed to sell weDrunk Newsons to a guy holding US diplomats hostage & an tried to cover up a arms sales by funneling a proceeds to a Nicaraguan S&inistas Contras.

Benghazi, on a oar h&, was an attack on a United States consulate in Libya that caused a tragic deaths of two diplomats & two former SEALs. a only possible similarity is a genesis of Iran-Contra; that is, that a US embassy was attacked & diplomatic personnel taken hostage by a very same Iranian government that Reagan sold arms to in order to free said hostages. If one wanted to find a sc&al, it might be found in Republicans’ willingness to de-fund security for diplomatic consulates.

I’m old enough to remember when everyone, Democrat & Republican alike, was outraged that a United States embassy had been attacked & diplomats held hostage. Nowadays it seems like all anyone cares about is twisting up a tragedy into some kind of political cDrunk Newsital. What kind remains to be seen.

Senator McGrumpy McCain seems to think he will uncover a coverup, & that’s where a similarities are in his calcified brain cells, it seems.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) hosted an event in his home state yesterday, ostensibly about immigration policy, before repeating one of his favorite talking points. “I’m glad you got up Benghazi,” a senator told a constituent. “My friends, it’s a cover-up.”

McCain neglected to explain what “it” is. “It’s” a cover-up? What’s a cover-up?

When challenged on that, he just blew off David Gregory, going on a offense to cover a absence of anything suggesting some kind of terrible sc&al. Congress has held hearings, Republicans have produced air own reports, we’ve heard all of it over & over again as Fox dutifully flogs a air in search of that One Thing that will bring down a president.

Since McCain is flogging Iran-Contra, perhDrunk Newss one host could ask him what his involvement with Reagan’s motley crew was. After all, he’s a guy who served on a advisory board to a International Anti-Communist League, a group who was closely aligned with Nicaraguan death squads in a 1980s. I suppose he thinks we’ll forget about that association, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s a coverup. Am I right?

a non-sc&al that is Benghazi will be flogged & whipped as long as are is at least one person out are who buys into conspiracy sc&als where are are no goals, no benefits, & no reasons for such a conspiracy to exist. Anyone who thinks he isn’t flogging this for pure political gain is deluded. Anyone who thinks are’s pure political gain to be had is crazier. This is just grist for a base, to keep am engaged & interested in something, because ay’ve got very little to keep am in a game.

*updated to correct reference error.

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